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Our Brand Story

Humble beginnings

Based in Switzerland but available for a worldwide audience, Bird of Porcelain specializes in elegant porcelain jewelry and fine decorative objects.

Moving away from conventional notions of perfection and embracing the natural form of porcelain, each piece is an eclectic celebration of playful individuality and simple sophistication.

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Made with passion

Founded as a celebration of Beata`s passion for porcelain, the brand stands as an ode to her creative rebirth.

Not finding much fulfillment in her professional life as a teacher Beata travelled extensively and later dedicated her time to raising her son and exploring new possibilities for her future professional career.

Upon finding the courage to pursue her creative interest, Beata attended a pottery class back in her homeland country Poland where she made her first bowl.

The simple act of creating something beautiful set the wheel in motion for her success as she experimented with clay for hours on end and eventually committed to creating jewelry.

The joy of porcelain

Drawing inspiration from a design magazine, Beata decided to name her company `Bird of Porcelain`, where she had a bold vision to provide people with high quality, joy-filled porcelain pieces.

Taking a special approach to meticulously crafting every item, Bird of Porcelain offers a dynamic range of uniquely handmade jewelry.

The creations have a distinctive aesthetic, incorporating a contemporary collaboration of porcelain and high quality gold-filled findings.

One-of-a-kind designs

With ambitious design concepts and impossibly intricate details, Beata infuses each piece with enthusiasm, charm and zest for life and art.

Now, with the introduction of an online store , investing in a Bird of Porcelain piece is possible from anywhere in the world.

As the creative brand continues to grow forward, Beata asserts a promising vision to continue to produce exceptionally high-quality items with a dedication to share her passion with the world and to inspire others to always pursue their dreams.

Est. 2021

Bird of Porcelain pieces make for a unique addition to any outfit or home. Perfect to treat oneself with something special or as a unique gift for a loved-one, the wide range of timeless pieces is sure to suite every taste and sense of style.