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Heart Of Gold – Porcelain Mug


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Handcrafted porcelain mug with a distinctive heart motif that acts as a reminder of kindness, generosity and self love.

  • each coffee mug measures 9cm in height and 9cm in diameter / ca.320ml
  • hand painted black freckles and gold luster decorative stripe
  • each mug features a unique, textured heart hand painted with gold luster
  • slip casting technique is used to craft each coffee mug using our unique molds made in our studio
  • made out of high quality porcelain
  • handmade with love

Due to handmade nature of this product the cups vary slightly. Dishwasher safe, the gold will not wash off. Please note that ceramics decorated with gold are not microwave safe.



SHIPPING. PLEASE NOTE THAT PORCELAIN ITEMS WILL SHIP WITHIN 3-7 days. I am working diligently on all of your pieces and I will fulfill the orders as inventory is available. Thank you for your patience and trust in Bird Of Porcelain.

HANDMADE IN SWITZERLAND. Handcrafted in Switzerland, our porcelain pieces are made of high quality materials. Each piece goes through many stages of manual labor from shaping porcelain clay, firing in ceramic kiln, applying glazes and gold luster. Only high quality no tarnish metals are used as jewelry components.

UNIQUE. Please take a note that porcelain pieces might come with slight variations in size, color or pattern. Due to the handcraft nature of the product your piece might be slightly different from the one shown in the picture. You will receive a uniquely designed one of a kind porcelain piece.

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