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All prices listed are accurate to the best of our ability. In the rare case that an item is listed incorrectly, Bird of Porcelain reserves the right to refuse the sale and may offer the items again at with the correct information.

Bird of Porcelain does not guarantee the availability of any items listed on the site. If the item selected for purchase is not available, Bird of Porcelain will make every effort to contact the customer to notify them of the cancellation.

Please note that upon placing an order, a receipt is automatically mailed confirming the purchase intent. This receipt does not constitute a contract, and orders may be cancelled at any time due to insufficient stock, inability to authorize a credit card, suspicion of fraudulent intent, discovery of an incorrect item price, or any other reason, as we see fit. Please further note that Bird of Porcelain shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such order whether or not your credit card has been charged. If your credit card has already been charged and your order is canceled, Bird of Porcelain shall issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the purchase.

Our items is sold in as is condition. Jewelry, like all material, is susceptible to damage and requires preventative measures and maintenance. It is important to be aware of your jewelry while wearing it and to choose pieces that are appropriate for your lifestyle. We recommend removing all jewelry, especially rings, in situations when abnormal contact is expected.

If an item purchased from Bird of Porcelain incurs damage, please contact us


At Bird of Porcelain we’ll gladly accept the return of items within 10 days of order delivery. The goods must be free from wear, stains, odor or any condition that would prevent them from being sold as new. Returned items must be accompanied with a copy of the receipt. Special orders, custom jewelry and earrings are not eligible for return unless faulty.

Die Schmuckstücke welche eine normale Abnutzung aufweisen, können innerhalb von 6 Monaten zur Reparatur eingesandt werden. Die Kriterien einer normalen Abnutzung werden von Bird Of Porcelaine festgelegt.

Customers will assume responsibility for return shipping charges. Bird of Porcelain will not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of return packages lost in transit without proof of delivery to the Bird of Porcelain returns office.

Bei Rücksendungen welche alle Kriterien einer gerechtfertigten Rücksendung einhalten, wird der entsprechende Betrag gutgeschrieben. Falls Produkte zurück gesandt werden welche die Rücksendungskriterien nicht einhalten, wird die Sendung mit einer Erklärung zurück an den Kunden werden dabei alle Versandkosten in Rechnung gestellt.




If you need to change your order please email as soon as possible. We are happy to make any changes before your order has been shipped.


Für Bestellungen unter CHF 100 verrechnen wir Versandkosten (A-Post) von CHF 2.50 auf alle Schmuckstücke und CHF 7.50 für alle anderen Produkten. Alle Bestellungen über CHF 100 sind Versandkosten frei. Ab dem Zeitpunkt des Versands der Bestellung beträgt die durchschnittliche Lieferzeit 1 - 2 Werktage innerhalb der Schweiz durch die schweizerische Post. Versandkosten werden beim check-out ausgewiesen.


Zur Zeit bieten wir den Versand nur innerhalb der Schweiz an. Für weitere Informationen betreffend Versand ausserhalb der Schweiz, senden Sie uns eine Mail an


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