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Beautiful Porcelain Jewelry – a short introduction.

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Jewelry is an accessory that can add beautiful accents to any look or style, but it also says a lot about the person wearing it. Think of it as the finishing touch on your “personal brand.” Unique jewelry choice is a great way to express your individuality and personality and if you are looking to upgrade your unique jewelry collection look no further as porcelain piece might be just what you`re looking for.

Whether your personal style is to wear something small and dainty, or you like a bigger statement piece to add character and individuality to your outfits, handcrafted porcelain is sure to add this unique shine that is not to be compared to any commercially produced type of jewelry.

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Porcelain jewelry is the lightest of all ceramic clay jewelry.

So what is it about porcelain that enchanted kings and had been called “white gold” in the past and what is it that makes porcelain such a unique material for contemporary jewelry?

Definitely its lightness! Porcelain is lighter than stoneware and its whiteness cannot be compared to any other natural clay. Its a jewelry so light you quickly forget you are wearing it.

Its exactly this combination of lightness, texture and color that makes porcelain pieces interesting and unique jewelry choice.


Porcelain jewelry is both delicate and durable.

Is it easy to break one might ask? What if I drop a porcelain piece? Will it get damaged easily?

Porcelain is a very delicate yet extremely durable material. The high temperatures at which porcelain pieces are fired make it strong and durable. Combined with its timeless appeal porcelain jewelry pieces might pleasantly surprise you.

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Whichever piece of jewelry you decide on most importantly make sure it reflects you. At Bird Of Porcelain you can find a wide variety of pieces denoting personality and expression a small way for you to display your individuality.

Being composed of natural ingredients such as clays, quartz and feldspars porcelain is also an environmentally friendly choice. So why not to consider porcelain jewelry as an addition to your unique jewelry collection? You might be pleasantly surprised.

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